July 29, 2003

Ludicrously simple templates with Python

There should be a law stopping functionality as powerful as this being so easy to use: Ludicrously simple templates with Python

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Nikkei IT article on Moblogging

No sooner had I posted that last last entry did I find a link in my referers logs to my blog from a Nikkei IT article on Moblogging.

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Stuart at the CTC WebService Seminar

Look for the Orange blob in this article about the CTC WebService Seminar. The Orange blob is me.

The funny thing was that I was suddenly asked to go there and was not really suitably dressed. Apart from being the only foreigner there, I was the only one not in a suit and happened to be wearing my brightest orange gear that day...

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Geek Walking Stick

I need to get a new walking stick and this one looks really great for geeks. This walking stick has a built in Light, Alarm and Compass.

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July 24, 2003

Python Command Line parsing

Over on Guido's blog there was a post about command line parsing. Everyone needs it once in a while and it's useful for most programs. I was shocked and amazed to see so many people repeating the option names in the getopt setup code and then in the logic to decode the arguements. Someone mentioned Optik in the ensuing discussion and I think that this definately looks the way to go.

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July 23, 2003


I must get around to taking a look at this Picture Gallery Python script. It even supports EXIF so I wonder what it will make of the GPS information embedded in some of my pictures.

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July 16, 2003

Repetive HTML

I had to write some HTML that required an alphabetical list of tags, one for each of the letters of the alphabet and cooked up some Python to do it:
for c in range(ord('A'),ord('Z')+1):
    text = text + '<a href="vgLink.SearchProducts?next=Next&previous=Previous \
&results_per_page=10&vgvar_1_name=productname \
&vgvar_1_operator=VALUE_STARTS_WITH \
&vgvar_1_value=%c">%c</a>' %(c,c)
print text
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Accessing the WIndows clipboard with Python

I was lookin for a way to access the WIndows clipboard with Python and found this Windows Clipboard Class on Python Bits and Piece

Then I found this wild piece of code. A windows clipboard daemon you can run on a machine a post this to the windowd clipboard via telnet (why??). It useful as an example of how to use the win32clipboard

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Procmail Replacement in Python

A quick search on Google came up with something that I knew someone must have written: pycmail, A Procmail Replacement in Python.

Everytime I tinker with my procmail scripts I have the feel that I might touch a live wire and get electrocuted. The syntax is so terse and easy to forget that you are bound to make a mistake. Turning on the full logging has helped though. A least you can see it's lizard brain chundering through the script after the fact.

I wonder if pycmail will be any better...

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July 14, 2003

Naked Objects

DaveB let me know about this book: "Naked Objects is an open-source Java-based framework designed specifically to encourage the creation of business systems from behaviourally-complete business objects."

I sure that just the title is going to make a lot of people check it out. Maybe it could start a whole new trend in Naked Programming books and even Extreme Naked Programming. The mind boggles...

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July 09, 2003

MT-To-LJ Syndication

I have been looking for something like this for a long time. A MovableType to LiveJournal sydnication script!

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July 04, 2003

LED Sign Boards

Joi Ito pointed to this company which supplies LED sign boards. I have always wanted one of these! Now that they are accessible via an IP connection the possibilites are endless.

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July 03, 2003

Zachary Pessin

I wonder what happened to Zachary Pessin. I used to bump into him in Yokohama and Tokyo occasionally and when I found his meishi today I wondered what he was up to...

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July 01, 2003


This must be the best source of links GeoInfo on the web.

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Dave Winer defines Funky

As you may know, recently the blogging devleopment community has been going wild over RSS and have decided to make a new syndication format.

I thought that this had started because Dave Winer had got upset and declared some people's feeds "funky" but now that I read this definition of "funky" and Don Parks examples of "funky" I can see what he was getting at.

But in the "funky"ness definition Dave says "I never wanted to have to define this". This is the problem. Maybe I missed a crucial post somewhere but I had no idea exactly what this "funky" argument was about. I thought it was due to people using incorrect date formats! If a developer can't understand what the argument is about then who on earth can?

What would have been better would have been if Dave had found a problem he should have taken it to the RSS 2.0 validator crew. and proceeded through there.

I really believe in machine validation for testing. If the machine tells you that your feed is bad then who cares. Maybe Technorati could be brought in to find highlight high traffic sites who have bad feeds. Maybe the popular aggregators should flag bad feeds. It is only through naming and shaming that things will get better but that shouldn't be one person's crusade.

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